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ICT Strategy Projects - Final Reports

The reports of the knowledge-gathering projects may be accessed by clicking on the links below. They are made available on the understanding that copyright in the reports is owned by the authors; they may be quoted from within the normal rules of copyright, provided that due acknowledgement is made of the source and the AHRC funding.

Four of the projects are concerned with broad e-infrastructure issues and needs. While there is a significant degree of convergence between them, they all complement each other. Bates addresses the major issue of quality assurance in the production of digital resources, and Greengrass that of the portal needs of arts and humanities researchers. Huxley’s is a broader survey of arts and humanities researchers’ use of, and need for, ICT resources, while Warwick’s is an examination of the use made of a more specific set of resources, with a number of recommendations about ways in which such resources might be developed in the future.

The ICT Programme Steering Committee has considered these reports carefully. It believes that together they contribute a substantial body of evidence and argument which helps to articulate a specific arts and humanities e-infrastructure agenda. They thus complement the generic discussion by the recent Office of Science and Innovation’s e-Infrastructure Working Group: see Developing the UK’s e-infrastructure for science and innovation.

The views expressed are those of the report authors, however, and not necessarily the ICT Programme’s or the AHRC's.

Professor David Bates
University of London
Peer Review and evaluation of digital resources for the arts and humanities Report
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
Professor Mark Greengrass
University of Sheffield
RePAH: Research in Portals in the Arts and Humanities Full Report
Report without appendices
Dr Lesly Huxley
University of Bristol
Gathering Evidence: Current ICT Use and Future Needs for Arts and Humanities Research Full Report
Dr Claire Warwick
University College London
LAIRAH: Log Analysis of Internet Resources in the Arts and Humanities Full Report

The remaining three knowledge-gathering projects are concerned with the development of tools and methods. We shall be considering them in detail together with the resource-development projects once the latter are completed.

Ms Sheila Anderson
King’s College London
Scoping e-science and e-social science developments and their value to the arts and humanities Main report
Further materials
Dr Alan Marsden
Lancaster University
ICT Tools for Searching, Annotation and Analysis of Audio-Visual Media Full Report
Dr Mike Pringle
University College for the Creative Arts
The Hunt for Submarines in Classical Art: Mappings between Scientific Invention and Artistic Inspiration Full Report
Report without Appendices
Appendices Only
Case Study 1
Case Study 2