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Expert Seminars

At every stage, the ICT Programme has worked in close consultation with relevant academic experts, ICT professionals and those with a stake in its outcomes. A key part of this consultation process was the Programme’s series of Expert Seminars, held in 2003 – 2004 in London, which offered individuals and the professional organisations they represented an opportunity to discuss key issues in Arts and Humanities computing, to identify needs of researchers as well as deficiencies in current provision, and to make recommendations to the Programme’s Director and Steering Committee on current strategy and future policy. More specifically, suggestions from these meetings guided the formulation of the call for bids of the ICT Strategy Projects programme, and helped to shape the ICT Methods Network.

Full reports and a list of participants at all of these meetings can be downloaded below as PDF files:

"What do Humanities Researchers Need from ICT?"
"What are the ICT Needs of Practice-based Researchers in the Visual and Performing Arts?"
"e-Science in the Arts and Humanities"
List of Participants