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ICT Guides is a JISC-funded initiative housed at the Centre for e-Research at Kingís College in London. Its purpose is to

The project thus aims to support and develop communities of practitioners in its area of activities. It will in due course be incorporated in the new virtual communities project.

The first iteration of ICT Guides was developed at De Montford University as part of the JISC-funded Aria project.

For further information please contact Craig Bellamy or see the ICT Guides website.

Background: Projects and Centres Database

At the outset of the AHRC ICT Programme, a main activity was mapping current usage of arts and humanities computing in the UK, and the needs of those employing it. The first phase of this mapping activity was an intensive review of ICT within the centres funded under the AHRCís Research Centres Scheme. Conducted jointly with the AHDS, all 19 centres were visited between September 2004 and March 2005, and key personnel were interviewed. The results of the survey are contained in a report, 'AHRC Research Centres and the Use of ICT', by Stuart Dunn (AHRC) and Alastair Dunning (AHDS). The second phase was the creation of a Projects and Centres Database, which has become a core component of ICT Guides.

The full report, AHRC Research Centres and the Use of ICT', by Stuart Dunn and Alastair Dunning is available to download.

View a Summary of the Report's Recommendations.